TrueData-LOAD: Electronic load

Electronic DC load for fuel cell and battery

TrueData-LOAD is an electronic load for DC applications e.g. fuel cells, batteries and supercapacitors. The System is designed to operate in both, potentiostatic and galvanostatic operation mode.
This electronic load is specifically designed for modular test-system architectures, using one or more load modules (each 500W) in parallel. The unique modular design of the TrueData-LOAD allows ideal sizing for the application requirement as well as an easy power-upgrade, if necessary.

System Control

A serial RS232 interface is used to control and program the TrueData-LOAD-modules. The applicable command structure follows the SCPI-standard.
As such, the communication and programming can be achieved with any terminal-program or any control-software. As a powerfull tool  the user can program using LabView-VI.

TrueData-LOAD electronic DC load fuel cell

Paralleling TrueData-LOAD modules

In any given test architecture up to 32 load modules can be linked together. One serial RS232-interface is used to control the group of modules. The internal communication between all installed modules is achieved using an internal control-bus.

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